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Whispering Palms is probably unique among Nigeria’s resort hotels as it was founded as a family-owned venture that has grown from some chalets for friends and guests into a 122 room resort. The hotel evolved from first steps where Professor Deji Femi – Pearse started coming to the resort area to write university papers in a conducive environment.

In 1985,  he built the house which is now the resort reception and family residence. As friends and colleagues showed increasing interest in joining him and family in Iworo the chalet rooms beside the house were added. In the 1990s the popularity of the resort idea led to the first 40 room block being built, which was followed by the swimming pool block later. 

The vision of Professor Femi – Pearse and his family for an extraordinarily spacious resort area meant that land was purchased early which gives the resort 60 hectares for buildings and recreational areas. 

Professor Femi- Pearse passed on in 2018 and his daughter Mimi Ade-Odiachi became the Managing Director of what remains a filly family owned enterprise. Her vision for the resort builds on the already established foundation by further burnishing the hotel’s record as a space for family experiences where learning is mixed with an escape from daily pressures of Lagos life.


The future of green spaces at the resort is assured because Mimi is an accomplished landscaper whose work spans many of the more visible institutions across Lagos city.

Whispering Palms has had a challenging period in recent years as the Badagry Expressway roadworks made driving to the resort challenging. The last two years of Covid19 added to the challenges, although the dominance of open-air spaces has made the resort a uniquely safe space in difficult times.

Looking forward, Whispering Palms is preparing to be Nigeria’s first hotel predominantly on solar power giving it energy stability and a green outlook in the era of climate change. A process of renovation has started which is made easier by the quality of building construction at the resort. An emphasis on uniquely enjoyable spaces for guests is on the agenda, along with environmental and history education that relates to Badagry’s place in Nigeria’s history.

Resort Amenities


Whispering palms has a mini museum where relics of the inglorious history of slave trade of the past centuries are on display. Some of the interesting items at the heritage museum include historical slave chains, boats, and pictures of important slave route and locations. Your visit is incomplete without visiting the museum.

Culinary Delight

Our restaurant serves variety of delicious meals and gives you the chance to make a choice. From local to continental dishes prepared by our professional kitchen team. Buffet menu is available for parties and corporate events. If you want to taste the best Badagry dishes, try our restaurant.


Whispering Palms Hotel & Resort
Whispering Palms-Iwore Road
Off Lagos Badagary Expressway (Aradagan Bus Stop)


Phone – 09063573686


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