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Beautiful scenery, private zoo, talking parrots…..and if you are lucky, you will even get to see a squirrel chasing nuts. Have we talked about the coconuts? Do you know that coconut water may have antioxidant properties? The explanation of this may lead to a very long science class, so let’s leave it to google, but the summary of this, is that coconut water helps you deal with stress and many other things that will make your life quite uncomfortable.


Outdoor Breakfast

Our restaurant serves variety of delicious meals and gives you the chance to make a choice. From local to continental dishes prepared by our professional kitchen team. Buffet menu is available for parties and corporate events. If you want to taste the best Badagry dishes, try our restaurant.

24 Hour Refreshments and so much more

Our Outdoor bar, is location in the heart of whispering palm very close to the water. this is where you can catch up with friends and have a good time. our drinks are not that expensive


For your comfort

As a guest of the Whispering Palms Resort, our goal is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Enjoy Our Coconut Dispensary

The crazy coconut is out most popular dish. It is made from fresh coconut, and supported with alcohol. This cocktail is served chilled with the coconut and a straw. Patrons have crossed the country to try out this drink. 

Access to Gym

Keep fit with our state of the art equipment, Professional trainers to guide you through all the fitness routine.


Whispering Palms Hotel & Resort
Whispering Palms-Iwore Road
Off Lagos Badagary Expressway (Aradagan Bus Stop)


Phone – 09063573686


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