It’s never been easier to reach Whispering Palms.

In addition to road links we have added water taxi options that can reach the resort in as little as 50 minutes from central Lagos. 

With Lagos’s new emphasis on safe water travel there are a range of options depending on your budget and how quickly you would like to move.

We are starting our scheduled boat services with Lagos’s best known water taxi operator, Texas Connection Ferries who have a jetty and ample car parking in Osborne Foreshore, Ikoyi. 

Boat services come directly to Whispering Palms own jetty on the lagoon esplanade of the resort.

For those travelling by road we are introducing a shuttle service with pickups from the Shoprite Ikeja carpark. Pickups can be arranged if you live on the Badagary Expressway side of Lagos and from the domestic and international airport.

Our boat and shuttle services are being phased in, starting with public holidays and peak periods.

For the map of the route to our resort please click here  

We know the Lagos to Badagary Expressway has a bad reputation with the condition of the road. Travel can still be challenging but there is a solid  improvement on the 2016 to 2020 period, with much of the roadworks now completed. Travel times will vary but you should allow 3 hours if traveling by road from Lagos.

Our reception team are happy to help anytime with questions about directions and options for how you travel to and from the resort.